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In Massachusetts, your Last Will and Testament is viewed by the Courts as your last words on Earth. Your Will is your chance to be sure that your final wishes are properly articulated and followed by the next generation. It is essential that you have a Will that is drafted under Massachusetts law that clearly states what you would like done with your estate after your passing. A Will is often on of the most important parts of your Estate plan, as it can be the main determinative document, or it can work together with a properly drafted Trust to ensure your assets benefit only the people you choose after your death. Talk to an Attorney at Patricia Mello & Associates today to review your current Will and to discuss potential changes that can be made to make sure your wishes are followed!



A durable power of attorney is a very powerful document whereby you, the Principal, choose the person who will manage your finances in the event you are unable to do so as you age. The document appoints your attorney-in-fact, and allows that person to manage your finances as if they are you. Great care must be taken when choosing the agents on your Durable Power of Attorney, as the document remains valid even after the Principal is incapacitated. The Durable Power of Attorney that is most commonly used by Patricia Mello & Associates is an instant document, and allows the attorney-in-fact top immediately begin assisting the Principal with the specific powers that are broadly enumerated in the Durable Power of Attorney. Having a valid, properly executed Durable Power of Attorney is essential to limit court involvement in your family, and will hopefully any potential need for a Conservatorship for the Principal.



No one likes to imagine that they or their loved one could become incapacitated as they age, but the truth is that this is a reality for millions of Americans every year. Without creating a Health Care Proxy and HIPAA Designation, your family could be left wondering what your medical wishes are if you become incapacitated. A Health Care Proxy and HIPAA Designation chooses the person who will make medical decisions for you in the event you are unable to do so, while at the same time allowing that person to view your medical records, to ensure that they are not making medical decisions for you without knowing what your prior treatment history had been. The Health Care Proxy and HIPAA Designations that are created by Patricia Mello & Associates are specially tailored to Elder Law issues, and seek to eliminate stress and the involvement of the Courts in what are personal and private medical decisions for you and your family.



Every family is unique, and has their own goals and challenges. The Attorneys at Patricia Mello & Associates are experienced in personally tailoring your Trust to your family, whether it be a Revocable Trust, an Irrevocable Trust, a Special Needs Trust, an IRA Trust, a Marital Trust, and others that can best ensure that your estate goals are carried out with the utmost speed and privacy for you and your family. A Trust is a private document that can carefully spell out in great detail the terms of how your estate will be ultimately distributed among your beneficiaries. A properly funded and executed Trust can avoid things like Probate Administration and Estate Taxes, or it can provide for an adult disabled child or grandchild while preserving any public benefits they may be entitled to as a consequence of their disability. A Special Needs Trust can also protect children and grandchildren who may struggle with managing their assets due to mental illness or substance abuse disorder. Properly drafted Trusts can also preserve assets against potential Long-term Care Nursing home costs. Because every family is unique, it is essential that you speak with an Attorney at Patricia Mello & Associates who can create a Trust for you that will achieve the goals that are the most important to you.